Why is it called the Black Sea?

16 May 2018

The Black Sea often conjures images of mystery, intrigue and curiosity. Is it actually black? Do people swim in it? Where on earth is it? Why is it called the Black Sea?!

Gray Line Romania help you find the answers for yourself, with a day trip to the Black Sea. The trip starts early in the morning, taking you to the charming city of Constanta by the Black Sea. From here, you will explore the Old Town, Casino, Orthodox Cathedral, Grand Mosque and Aquarium. You can then take some time to relax on the beaches of Mamaia.

If you want more information on the sea that will play host during this day trip, read on…

What colour is the Black Sea?

It is in fact, blue – just like any other normal looking sea on holiday!

Why is it called the Black Sea?

There’s more than one answer to this, which date back to Ancient Greek times. It is said that sailors and pirates gave the name as they were struck by its dark appearance under stormy skies. The Greeks then referred to it as the 'unhospitable sea', during times of shipwrecks and violence. Once things had settled, it was apparently renamed the ‘hospitable sea’. These really were some troubled waters.

Is the water ok to swim in?

Yes, the water is fine to swim in, but is does have a unique feature. It is the largest area of anoxic (depleted of oxygen) water in the world, which means that a layer of it is free of oxygen and life. This is another reason for its intriguing name.

So do any animals live in the Black Sea?

Yes, because the anoxic water only effects parts of the sea. There are tuna, herring, mackerel and even Bottlenose dolphins. At night, the water glistens with phosphorescence, which is caused by plankton interacting in the waters. 

Where is the Black Sea?

The Black Sea is surrounded by six European countries: Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia. It is connected to the Mediterranean Sea through Istanbul. 

Do people holiday near the Black Sea?

It is very popular with tourists and cruise ship liners. There are plenty of inviting beaches on the surrounding coasts, often with watersports and boat tours. 

What other fun facts are there about the Black Sea?

  • The water level always remains the same.
  • It started life as a fresh water lake 22 thousand years ago.
  • Some believe that it is the sea referred to in Noah’s Flood in the Bible. 
  • Shipwreck remains from hundreds of years ago can still be found at the bed of the Black Sea, due to the anoxic nature of its waters.

Fascinating, full of history and home to relaxing beaches and watersports – the Black Sea is a fantastic area of the world to visit. Book with Gray Line Romania today to investigate its weird but wonderful story for yourself.

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